Green Smoothie Retreat with Victoria Boutenko 2015

I have arrived back home. With a light body, a peaceful mind and glowing skin after 7 days of green (wild) smoothies at Victorias retreat in Mundekulla, Sweden. Participants arrived from around the world to nourish their cells and bodies with plant power. Read further about green life stories, sauna detox, lymphatic exercise and deep healing.

A few words about the location…
Being embraced by Mundekulla and the beauty of this Swedish rural landscape is absolutely breath taking. As if you walked hundreds of years back in time over those meadows with rolling flowers and rattling grasses, timber houses with grass roofs, stone labyrinths and walls and glittering water. The landscape and buildings are very well taken care of and will bear witness of our cultural heritage for many years to come. I feel so grateful for this. Thank you Mundekulla people, for caring for our heritage and nature. This is a magical place for retreats, conferences, festivals, courses, weddings, spa, musicals, concerts…you name it.


During this week our bodies where nourished only by the power of the plants, mainly in liquid form. With fluid food the colon is more or less empty and have the chance to heal and eliminate toxins. The liver, kidneys and all other important organs in the body start working as they are meant to, balancing and healing from the nourishing fruits and greens. Symptoms of toxicity and deficiency were slowly fading away.

Here are some overall improvements of the group to give a few examples of what happens when we stop intoxicating our selves and allow our bodies to heal naturally: better eyesight, stable blood sugar, (no diabetes), glowing skin, brighter eyes, softer hair, smell-free poo, healthy bowel movements, increased energy, deeper sleep, no asthma, no symptom of allergies, etc.
This happened to our group members in a few days on green smoothie ”fast”…

The cleaner colon you have the easier it is for you liver to detoxify your system. That is why a fast is crucial for detoxing. You can do a short dry fast, a water fast, a juice fast or, probably one of the most rewarding one; a green smoothie ”fast”. In my opinion it is not very hard to drink vibrant and delicious smoothies all day long. Make sure you give your body the nutrients it need in order to heal, specially if you are deficient in crucial vitamins or minerals.

After the detox you can feast on some real veggies, sweet pea dip and kelp-sprinkled avocados!


Along with the smoothies I was thrilled to share some of my other favorite things during Victorias course. Wild edible walks in nature is something I am very passionate about, and since Victorias son Sergei (Check out his website here) could not participate this time I carried the banner of the foraging army.

We ventured into patches of forests, meadows, ditches and other areas more affected by humans. While doing this, I made sure to share my knowledge of not only the nutritional benefits of certain plants, but also some of their medicinal qualities.

I was also very grateful for the opportunity to contribute with a workshop in Intuitive dance inspired by the 5Rhythms and 6 days of lymphatic exercise via Qigong.

I am certified as a Green smoothie chef after completing a series of classes in this artful cuisine together with Victoria and the rest of our core group of volunteers.

If you give your body a chance to heal – it will heal you. Detox and nourishment seems to be the key components. if you stop putting toxic stuff in your body (too much food also means toxic in a way…just saying since most of us like to eat) it can work efficiently (it already knows what to do) and if you give it pure components of nutrients it will hea…something will happen for sure.

Victoria – my greenest and wildest thank you from the depth of my heart. Your mission inspires me. I was inspired by many things during the retreat. Specially stories from peoples lives. And there is one story that seems to have no end…
Listening to Victoria sharing parts of her life with us made me so humble. It really changed something within me. Her integrity and strength of heart, courage and determination left me with a sense of responsibility and duty in a whole new way. She goes so far beyond her own interests and personal matters.

Buy her book Green For Life here:
Website-main-title-head1For your eyes delight:

Erica Palmcrantz and her beautiful vibrant family (and her really cool kids) was joining us half way into the retreat. She´s the Queen of Raw food in Sweden and you will find lots of inspiration on her web page:
rfbe-logo1On my 24 hour journey home I had some time for reflection. And the water bottle on the train did not leave me alone…looking at the calcium content (though it was quite low) I got thinking of the overload of calcium in our bodies and the calcification causing so much pain for people (arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain).

Most of us are deficient in magnesium and since scandinavian people consume so much dairy products and calcium is added to our drinking water – our bodies accumulate calcium like a coral reef. We become stiff and hard. To eliminate the overload of calcium in our bodies and bring it out of our system (and dissolve kidney stones) and bring magnesium into balance there is a few things you can do: drink lemon juice (or any sour acid fruit or berry drink like sea buckthorn, lingon, cranberry etc, about 1/2 cup berries in 1 cup of water) or apple cider vinegar (2 Tbsp in a cup of water) every day and take ionic magnesium supplements. To start with…

I encourage you to do your own research and verify any information you like. And please remember to learn from and to listen to your body, it knows best.

Stay Green For Life!



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