Dandelion noodles with pesto

A few years ago I engaged in the challenge to create a whole meal with inspiration from one single plant from our garden. The results was a absolutely delicious and high vibrant meal that will leave you satisfied for sure. And the main ingredient is free! The nutritional content of dandelion, as with most wild harvested plants, is far greater than in the cultivated domesticated plants bought in store. And always fresh. The recipes and pictures below is similar to the first one I did, created for the Dandelion Festival in Damanhur, Italy.

Dandelion noodles

pick as many dandelion flower stems as you wish to serve and eat.

Boil water and add the flower stems. Add some olive oil and salt to the water and simmer for about 7-8 minutes, check the noodles every now and then to get the right consistency. I prefer to mix the stems with some rice noodles as well to get the dish more fluffy, the dandelion noodles is more dense. Strain the noodles and add some more olive oil and salt if needed.

Dandelion Pesto

200 ml dandelion leaves 800 g fresh basil (150 ml spinach, optional) 100 ml salted peanuts 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 100 g parmesan cheese (optional, if vegan; use nutritional yeast) olive oil a splash of agave (if needed a splash of lemon juice) Add all ingredients except olive oil and peanuts to a blender, mix until roughly chopped. Add olive oil and peanuts and continue to blend until desirable consistency.

Dandelion Capers

Pick as many dandelion flower buds as you desire a few leaves from black currant one or more clove of garlic himalayasalt vinegar agave Make sure the flower buds are small and tight. Rinse them and put in a jar. Add vinegar, salt and some agave. Add a clove of garlic and a few leaves of black currant. Cover the buds with liquid. Make sure they stay under the liquid, you can put a organic potato on top and press it down with the lid to keep them soaked. Leave for at least one hour, preferable a few days.




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