A day of Inspiration at the farm

This morning (well a few days ago from today) I stod up at 7.00 and went for a walk. When I got back I felt extremely inspired to paint our barn, so I did.

We have used the old swedish Falu Red, a paint that has proven its worth for hundreds of years. The paint is based on pigment, copperas, linseed oil, soap (to dissolve the linseed oil) and wheat flour (thickener) and water. We use an older type of pigment that was more common during the 1600 century. I prefer this warm red color to the blue-red ones used today. We are so lucky to have a store that sells traditional building materials in a neighboring village. If you live in our area, check it out:

Piteå Byggnadsvård 

I also did some wood work recycling an old fence, drank some strawberry water and painted the garage door with organic linseed oil paint.

Me and our cat Nurga had a little brunch break after about two hours. We both love our green smoothies! As you can see.

Here´s the recipe for this creamy dream

Always add more strawberries if you wish.
And you can of course do this one without the ”superfood” like chlorella, schizandra, reishi and He Shou Wu.
Though you will fly a little bit higher if you do!

1 big ripe banana
200 ml strawberries
1 handfull of spinach or preferably wild greens
a big pinch of vanilla
a small pinch of salt
150 ml water
150 ml coconutwater
150 ml coconutcream
1 tsp chlorella
a pinch of reishi
a pinch of schisandra
1/2 tsp He Shou Wu
1 Tbsp raw cacao
1 tsp golden milk paste (recipe here)

Mix in a blender until smooth.
Enjoy in the sunlight with a straw and a cat who loves smoothies!

After a few more hours the barn was shining red and bright once more.

I sincerely love the look and feel of all old things; they seem so full of life. I felt a little hesitant to paint those beautiful old grey boards with new color. But the barn seemed happy and splashed me back with some paint…haha, look at that perfect shape!



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