Damanhur, Italy

How to sum this journey of galactic proportions?

Where an impressive part of Human history is engraved into the mountains,
and give way to a journey within yourself.
Beyond time, space and imagination.
Within the magic of your heart,
feel free to explore this magnificent place.

The story of Humankind comes alive in the greatest and
most fascinating lecture of history I have experienced.

The Temples of HumanKind

(Pictures of the temples from Damanhur´s website)

Outside the temples is the Land of the Dandelion

I find this to be a place of beauty, optimism and compassion. A society based on realizing dreams. Like the dandelion, a basket full of flowers, the people of Damanhur strive to work together and embrace our union. Their dedication and creations are impressive, a beautiful example of what human beings can achieve when working in unity. Flow, change and transfigure moment to moment.

Situated on the mountainside in north of Italy, this is also a place for the most romantic of nature spirits; slopes covered with fig trees, wines, kiwi and roses. Boulders and ridges with flowing waterfalls. Old stone walls and structures, ruins covered in roses and ivy.
I fell deeply in love with the people and the mountains.

This was my caravan and home during my time in Dendera, Damanhur. I loved waking up there when the sun beamed through the window and the birds twittered outside. The last picture is another caravan where my brother stayed for a few days.

One of my closest neighbor was Ita, living in this beautiful earth house.

And Inti building his straw bale house for him and his queen Macaco.

Music of the Plants is well known and researched in Damanhur for years. They have developed a device that you connect to the root and leaves of the plants which then transform the flow of movement info sound and music. This opens up a beautiful and rare connection to the plant kingdom.

”I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that plants can eat the sun and poop out air”
Jim Bugg

One of my beautiful friends working with the plant music is Marco. He also built the coolest house ever! Literally inside a ruin…

As always there is a lot of work maintaining a community. One extremely important piece of a sustainable life is producing your own food. During my stay I worked in the garden at Dendera and had the honor to meet Bev and her team working with rehabilitating the soil and bringing life back to it. We worked on creating worm compost in between the vegetable beds. Two swedish girls, Axelina and Rebecka did a great job documenting this work and you can see a few videos and find out more here:


And the magical people… ♥

I call it the Land of the Dandelion since the Damanhurians celebrate and honor this magnificent plant. I have always loved the dandelion, despite growing up in a place where it was disrelished beyond sanity. For me, and thousands of others using it traditionally, it is a plant full of valuable gifts; if you know about them. As the petals symbolically represent the people in communion the plant also provides medicine and food. All parts of dandelion is edible and my next posts will be a tribute to those different parts.

Stay tuned and look forward to recipes on Dandelion wine, root coffee, pesto, noodles and dandelion capers!

2 tankar om “Damanhur, Italy

    • Naviana! I already knew you´ve been there. I was told so by several people before I went, interestingly enough your name came up several times in different conversations! I think we have a few inter connective relationships.

      I was there for work exchange for about 3 weeks, mainly focusing on the gardens. I lived in Dendera during this time. Capriolo and Quaglia was my contacts in getting there.

      The earth-bag house (jordhus) was straight down the hill form the entrance gate, left from the compost toilet. Its beautiful!

      I read your posts about Damanhur. It sounds very familiar 😉
      It was especially beautiful to read how you felt connected, grounded and at home because of the plants, I felt the same. Nature there is so familiar…


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