Let thy food be thy medicine

If you´re not a breatharian and you´re still confused about what to eat on this planet and if you still does not know your body and what to put into it and how that make you feel; make it easy on yourself and listen to someone who knows a lot about this subject and has some skills and a lot of knowledge and experience to clarify some things for you. And hopefully encourage you to honoring your amazing body, start listening to the subtle but yet powerful symptoms/signals it is giving you and let those signals guide you to choose what´s working for you, for your bodily ecosystem, and what to put into it for most energy, vitality, health and positive clear vibrations.

Since I was 13 I chose to eat mainly natural plantbased food in a non-conscious eating culture and I´m so glad there´s more people out there that instinctively knows and feel what to put into their bodies, their temples, and let those sensations be a guidance. As a gardener, I love to look at my body as the garden of my soul, and I choose my flowers gently.

For you guys living in Scandinavia, there´s so much wild food for free everywhere around you at this point, and spending time in nature picking this amazing bouquet is way better that queuing in a supermarket. You cant find any food so packed with nutrient and flavors as the wild plants; growing in systems of hundreds, probably thousands of years of symbiosis with fungi, bacteria and microorganisms. Here´s some beautiful and easy-picked plants you can pick today! Nettles, of course. Leaves and catkins from Salix sp (sallow, willows etc) and yummy spruce shoots. Dandelion´s all around us and birch leaves too. You´re also welcome to join me at one of my wild-food/medicine walks or seminars.


Enjoy this webinar with David Wolfe:  http://www.longevitywebcast.com/replay/

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